Will you hide your mistakes from your boss?

August 20, 2007 7:41pm CST
It is comforting to know that my boss appreciates my work. My co-worker said that she overheard my boss the her boss discussing about me and the subject of their interest pleases me (i have to admit). I also have to admit that i've done a lot of errors on my job and that most of them are the same mistakes. Once upon a time i've made the same mistake again and i figured that i can hide it from my superior. And so i did. I've change the details, hid the printed (wrong) page and printed the corrected one, i've sneaked at her executive table and changed her copy as well. About a month later, she asked the file.. She have not yet discover what i've done. Anyway, before i gave the file to her, my conscience is bugging me. I've decided (after all the sneaking i've done) that i should confess. Well, i did not told her that i tried to hide my mistake, i just gave her the original file so she will find the error herself. She did saw the error so she called me over the phone and showed the same scary-part-of-her she shows me when there are errors on my work... Have you ever done the same? If not, have it cross your mind?
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@bowtieguy (5927)
• United States
28 Aug 07
Rarely do I make mistakes but when I do I will take the blame for them, we cannot all be perfect all of the time and would seem odd to try and appear is if we were.
• Philippines
26 Sep 07
yeah, thats correct. thanks for the insight!
@SHAMRACK (8532)
• India
1 Oct 07
Hi, It depends how the boss views the mistake. So it better to understand the boss before saying the mistake to him. Better give a hint or discuss it when the boss in good mood and seems that he will not get angry at time. Hope not to discuss it when he is in dull mood or angry.
• Philippines
26 Sep 07
One thing that I learned from employment is that it is a relationship. There should be honesty. When I was still employed, I would usually be honest with my boss about my mistakes. By doing this, we would be able to resolve some problems ahead of time and I gain his trust and respect for this.