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August 21, 2007 3:21am CST
My doctor says I have a high cholesterol level in my blood, and advised me to take statin drugs to lower it. I've been reseaching and I've found out that cholesterol is not actually bad for your health, actually it is the body's defense against infections and depressions. And it is not actually the culprit in the blockade of blood in the arteries since cholesterol can be found in every parts of our body except the brain it seems that they are just there by chance and it is actually caused by other substances. When I was in college, way back 1974, I've read an article on a research of people who jumped from the Golden Gate bridge to commit suicide, the article wrote that majority of them has a low level of cholesterol in their blood. Some doctors also cautioned the public on the use of statins because it has a lot of side effect. Do i take statin or not?
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