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@ruseneca (212)
August 21, 2007 6:45am CST
Have you ever registered in programs,that give you shares for every click and you earn daily for this?Do you like these kind of programs?Tell me what is your opinion.
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• Pakistan
21 Aug 07
Yes I use these kind of program but I have never got paid by them, these sites take too long time to earn money unless you 1000 of shares, and there min payout is high like $10, so it can take about a year to reach this payout even if you have 1000 of shares.
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@ruseneca (212)
• Bulgaria
22 Aug 07
I have some of this kind programs on my blog.Please,visit my profile page and go to my blog for more information.
@AndriaToh (1268)
• Malaysia
21 Aug 07
My soncern would be how much would they pay per share. Since it is not stated. It could happen that when I reach payout, each share could be worth 0.01 cent and all my clcking would be worth so little.
@ruseneca (212)
• Bulgaria
7 Sep 07
The daily payment depends on how much registered users program has,how much shares every account has.Then,accorfing to your collected shares,they pay you daily.
@vamsi38 (64)
• India
21 Aug 07
iam so much interested in these kind of things .can u tell me about them or can u post any link related to them?