Made for Television by SkyOne

The Hogfather - Seen here is Death, his Granddaughter Susan and his aide Alfred.
August 21, 2007 8:08am CST
I must say, when I saw this at Christmas last year, I was amazed. It captured all I could ever imagine about the Discworld. Trimming the work of a mind like Terry Pratchett is no menial task, and the quirks of his language is washed out a little, but the graphical splendor outweighs the scenic descriptions of the books nicely. I can only hope they will give more of his work the same work-over. To say a little about the plot without giving it all away, here's a little summary. The Auditors of the universe, sick of the constant changes, making counting all things a hard task, hires the assassins guild of Ankh-Morpork to kill one of the Personified Characters of the Discworld, The Hogfather. Through spells affecting the entire population, making them loose faith in the Hogfather, the assigned Assassin actually makes the Hogfather vanish. In the following Mayhem Death another Personification of the Discworld has to take the role of the hogfather to keep beliefs alive. How will the Discworld ever get out of that mess.
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