Where is life going on ??

@nill_07 (1104)
August 21, 2007 8:57am CST
Where is going on life.. really, I don't know! I was never a good student for the first. I felled interest to test to be good student and for sake of creator I have tested it. In S.S.C I have obtained first class marks with letter in chemistry till that I never liked like chemistry. In H.S.C I have also obtained first class marks with letter in mathmatics untill that I never liked mathmatics and I have got a certification that I do well in mathmatics. Really, I enjoy mathmatics. Still i like mathmatics. However, in graduation I have also get first class marks on the subject of Computer Science and Engineering though result is in grade system. It is about one year I have completed my graduation. During this time I was involved in one part time job in Stock Exchange as a Computer Engineer in a broker house as well as I was involved with two part time job in offline in computer sector. Now a time I do nothing without writing on mylot and helium. But really it is not fare. Mylot and helium is not suffecient for life untill they reach on a certain level. Till that I need to do something in offline. I have planed about something like share business as a part time work though some investment is necessary for that, or business about germents accessories though these are not my carrier related. Now a time I am not so happy about my life. Really I don't know where is life going on.. What's for you?
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@bappybd (12)
• Bangladesh
24 Aug 07
C'mon year....dont b so sad....there is always a sad period of every human beings life...Keep hardworking and have faith in ALLAH.....then everything will be alright!!
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@nill_07 (1104)
• Bangladesh
27 Aug 07
Thanks for your inspiration. You have really explian nicely that faith of Allah is the best and I think that is the right solution.