nuclear treaty

@limcyjain (3523)
August 21, 2007 12:35pm CST
The opposition parties in india along with the allies of the ruling congress are raising a hue and cry over the nuclear treaty. What i have studied and heard about it, its just a perfect piece of agreement for india meeting its requirements for fuel for power without any restrictions on nuclear experiments then why are they against it. Are they ignorant or have political compulsions to oppose any good move by the government.
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@Uroborus (910)
• Canada
8 Jan 08
The countries that have nuclear weapons are always very reactive, when someone suggests limiting their nuclear development. Keep in mind that the nuclear powers have special status at the UN. The have more power in other words. Any chalange to that power, however little, is met with resistance.
• Malaysia
21 Aug 07
It is common happening to any opposition party in any country for any government's good proposal to comes true. That is what about politics, always have hind agendas for an opposition's benefits in creating good issues.