What would you do if you ran out of cat litter?

United States
August 21, 2007 1:53pm CST
Last week our truck broke down and just this past weekend we were finally able to get it into the shop for repair work. For the first five days or so, we did fine food wise since there's a small store just down the street. They have most of the supplies a human being would need to survive, all except for cat litter supplies. So, now after living a week without a vehicle, we're out of cat litter and no other options in sight. We've thought about using shredded newspaper, but I'm not sure if that would be healthy for the cats. My spouse suggested we put paper towels into the bottom of the empty litter box. Leave it to a man to come up with that suggestion! That would be a mess. So, now we're out of cat litter options. Does anyone have suggestions on what a cat owner should use if they run out of cat litter and have nowhere close to buy cat litter? The cat litter crunch will be up in a few days, when the repair work is done. So, we just need a short term solution. Suggestions are very much welcome!