Have You Ever Heard Of Capoeira???

Capoeira add - This Photo was taken from an add mad for mineral waters, which broadcast in the Israeli TV.
those two are awesome!!! - one of them is my Mastre.. (Teacher).
August 21, 2007 2:21pm CST
I know the Capoeira doesn't sound like a sport the combines fighting, but guess what... Capoeira isn't just a flashy "dance". though what the audience see is just neat "dancing with no contact at all", the real deal is that Capoeira is very dangerous martial art that even combines some Ju-Jitsu if needed. so... what do you think about it now? for more information about this martial art, just ask. i worded as shortly as possible.
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@brand4less (1061)
• Indonesia
21 Aug 07
i saw it but i don't know much about it.there's a class of capoeira in my gym but so far the price is more expensive than other classes also it looks difficult :)
• Israel
21 Aug 07
hello you. didn't catch you name... :) anyways. Capoeira is a brazilian martial art that was originaly made for and by slaved in brazil. you know the africans were slaves in brazil, right? in the coffee groves... anyway, the slaves weren't allowed use any weapon nor practice any martial art those days, because the "masters" were afraid that they might get free using it against them. one thing led to another, and the slaves were practice Capoeira excusing it's just a "dance". that is why you might see it as a dance act. Capoeira in Portugues means: "bush" (where they were hidden themselves from the masters for practice thier martial art.). and about its price these days... yep. it is expensive. have no idea why. actually - i quit practice for now, because i'm a student, and don't have neither the money nor the time for it. but it's lot of fun! - i can promise you. and yes, at first it might be difficult, but you're not gonna jump to the air on your first lesson. it takes time! that's all for now i guess... for further questions i'll be please to answer! :) Gad. (PeDePato is my nickname in the Capoeira world...)