What are your tips to beat a fear of flying? If you have so...

August 21, 2007 2:42pm CST
I used to have a big problem with flying. Now, I've got some tips that calms me down before flying. First, I take a medicine my doctor recommended, just to help me relax and calm a bit. Eventually I did overcome the fear. I try to sit where I can see the flight attendants. Somehow I just watch what they are doing and I start forgetting I'm on a plane. I also do not put my feet on the floor. Sounds silly but it helps, so I do not feel the vibrations of the plane. A magazine, crossword-puzzle, a good seat companion are good too. What are your tips? Maybe it can help scared people like me.
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@alfecris (181)
• Philippines
22 Aug 07
i always believe in this line, face you fears. fear of flying is somewhat similar to the fear of heights, in order to overcome that fear. these are some tips that would help you overcome it. like one take a medicine prescribed by the doctors. second go to the tallest floors if you think it is tall and try to watch at the do window down there from up above. third wall climbings, rappelling when you think you c an and take a great courage to face it. fourth always set your mind that its nothing because the fear of something comes from the mind so its all about mind setting.
@babykay (2133)
• Ireland
22 Aug 07
My tip is to take some xanax about one hour beforee boarding, then take another one just a minute after you get on plane. If necessary have a drink at this point. Obviously you will be legless as you get off the place so if you are minding kids don't do this.....
@arcidy (5016)
• United States
21 Aug 07
Welp I dont have any fears of flying because if you think about it your much more likely to get into a serious car accident then having a plane go down. But what you should do when your on a plane do something fun that will keep your mind off the plane ride like listing to music which helps me. Reading also is a good thing or watching the movie they usally show on the flight that usally helps.
• Malaysia
21 Aug 07
Mind focusing and not visual focusing. Once our mind focusing it will reduce your level of sight focusing. OK every learning process need at least an example for easy to understand. Just preoccupied your self and your mind focus to your one love, let it goes freely and at the same time your eyeballs still have sight but it will not focus to any certain object. Second example, like jumping out from an aeroplane with your safety parachute, your mind focus on how to make safe landing. That is called mind focusing.