What appealed you the most in movie shrek & its sequels?

August 21, 2007 2:55pm CST
well i like shrek a lot..although i watched shrek 2 first on HBO and when i liked its content..i was curious to see its first part and then came the third and now i have officially become a Shrek Fan..lol..what appealed me or what i liked most in shrek was first of all it is an animated movie and i like animation and cartoons a lot since i was a kid,other things which i liked was the character drawings i mean the characters themselves,the fairy tail creatures were there( Pinocchio,muffin man,three blind mice etc)i was so enchanted to see all of them at one place as we used to see them in our fairy tail books..remember??..ha..ha..i also liked the individual importance given to each character be it donkey,puss(whom i love the most),princess Fiona and surely shrek and everybody else too..i mean in every part of the movie any new character has been given the equal footage ..so you don't feel bored by the same heroic exposure of the main character as is commonly seen in most of the animated movies..its great really.one thing which also i liked about shrek was the character voices given by all of our famous and favorite stars..so it was fun seeing them in this form..Antonio(puss) was great..lol and mike myers is always too good..i started praising for Cameron Diaz for her marvelous voice..thats all from my side i'll add other things later if i missed something..lol;-) what about you my friends?
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@picollo (52)
• Denmark
23 Aug 07
Well I saw the first installment ages ago, and the subtle references to other movies was what amused me the most. I guess that's because I've seen tonza movies, and can remember the most of them quite vividly. I catch more than most people of these little things. But all the gags in general as funny too. My favorite Character would also have to be Puss in Boots.
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• India
23 Aug 07
thanks for sharing your view here picollo..i don't know much about tonza movies..what are they if you can tell?puss is simply awesome..:-P
@besthope44 (12145)
• India
21 Aug 10
I like the 1st and 2nd part much than the 3rd part..awaiting to watch the 4th. This is my favorite movie.
• Canada
13 Oct 07
I love everything...the humor..the male bonding...character development between onld and new characters. Shrek is my hero because he represents struggles everyone faces in 'finding' their authentic self within a group dynamic and standing within the resonance of their own power against daunting odds. His gruff exterior is an attempt to cover his more sensitive side...and I love that! Donkey and his chatterbox self is hilarious...and Puss and Boots is a great addition. The love story between Shrek and his wife is unfolding beautifully and I look forward to seeing them as parents to the 3 little ogres. Donkey and the pink dragon lady are also maturing...and I love them all. I have collectibles in my office and they lighten and brighten my mood whenever I look at them. So as you can tell I am a true blue...or green Shrek-ie. Cheers, Raia