mylot inactive referrals

@cmw4562 (240)
United States
August 21, 2007 4:10pm CST
I have a few people who signed up under me, but there has been like non-existent activity on their part. Any suggestions on ways to make inactive referrals more active? or are we just out of luck on that part?
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@happymommy3 (2013)
• United States
22 Aug 07
Well unfortunately I don't think there's anything we can do to help those inactive referrals. The only option is deleting them, which I've felt so bad about doing and haven't but probably will here soon. I have 6 referrals and only 1 is active now. 2 of them just joined and did absolutely nothing with their profile, just no activity whatsoever since their first day of joining and this was like in the beginning of the year, so I'll probably delete them. Just feel unsure cause it would be kind of funny if I did and then they came back out of nowhere and probably start doing so well, lol yeah right, I really doubt it. I've always thought it would be good if we could see their e-mail addressess like we can on some sites, like hits4pay allows you to see your referrals address. Than I'd like to be able to e-mail them, maybe give them some encouragement, or talk them into coming back.
@gldnopps (284)
21 Aug 07
I dont have none referrals on mylot, I don't think you can do anything to force your referral to write something here if they are not interested. I ususally stick with myself and try to earn by myself!
@evanpoe (122)
• United States
21 Aug 07
Can't really force people to write anything if they don't want to. A lot of times you'll get people to sign up but it's just to make you happy and they aren't all that jazzed about it. Maybe just mention something about the site like a good thread you think they might be interested in and encourage them to share their views. Other than that, not much else.