Another Tragic Death

@jennysp8 (855)
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August 21, 2007 9:23pm CST
So my mothers cousin passed away last this last Sunday after she was burned very bad in a house fire that wiped out her entire apartment. She suffered a great deal and though I really don't know the woman I am glad she moved on because without giving gory details, the pain of waking back up would have been too hard for anyone to deal with. Just imagine the worst thing possible - and that is how she was (physical wise). Now, police have found an exceleriant? (totally not spelling that right). I think it might have been gasoline. It is being treated as a crime scene and police are holding her body for examinations. Not that I have ever killed anyone or even ever think I would...I can maybe...just maybe...see someone shooting someone (quick death, etc. and I know that probably sounds aweful but its hard to explain what I mean) But to plan out the most possible way for a human being to die. Burn alive. What kind of person does this? I was not close to her so I am fine but I can't imagine her parents. Not only to lose a child but in such a manner. I just wanted to vent. Thanks for reading...
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@cikedo (3487)
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22 Aug 07
I'm sorry for yours and your mothers loss. My stepdad works at the firestation and has seen his fair share of burnt people in his 30 years at the department. From all of the stories he's told me I have a lot of empathy for your moms friend. Being burnt is one of the worst ways to go.
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@jennysp8 (855)
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23 Aug 07
Thanks for the comment!