How many of you have gone back to work full time after a long break?

@rinkub (231)
August 22, 2007 12:26am CST
Well, I'm going back to work after a gap of two years and the job I took up two years back was after a gap of seven years. I took the break because I wanted to be with my son. The experience two years back was a rotten one and I quit within three months. I'm a journalist by profession and I found that I was set back technologically. Youngsters had taken over and although they were hopeless and had no idea either about writing and all other editorial matters, they were very good with production which is mostly technology(read computer) based. I was not familiar with the system the newspaper was using as when I had worked earlier it was a different system altogether. I found the youngsters lacking in patience and unwilling to learn and critical of my knowledge or lack of it in technological matters. I start a fresh job in one of the leading national dailies in quite a senior position day after tomorrow. But I'm very very apprehensive. My husband jokes with me. He says he's heard people leaving jobs due to bosses or seniors but I quit because of my subordinates! Please pray for me and it would be heartening to know if any of you has gone through similar experiences. How did you cope with it?
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