Working with a multinatinal co. and yet not an employee.

August 22, 2007 12:42am CST
I work for a multinational Co. and though i am here for nearly 8 years, I am not a permenant employee. We are on contract and it makes me feel very sad, because we miss out on soo many things, the security, medical, and all the benefits. We may be here, year after year but we are still outsiders. We do not even get the minimum facility of a lunch card. Do you think it is fair to us ?
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• Philippines
22 Aug 07
i've been part of two international NGOs for the last 8-9 years. like you, i've never been a regular employee. although the job is continuous, we were always on contract because it's project basis. i think the difference however is that we have medical and insurance benefits, although less than that of the regular emloyees of course. because we are not regular and with less benefits, our pay rate is higher than our counterparts with regular position. for any job, i think it is the right of an employee, regular or not, to demand benefits from the company. first check the personnel manual and review your contract. a pro-employee and pro-people company should be sensitive to the needs of their employees no matter what the type of employment is.