How Muchin a day do you lie ??

@alfecris (181)
August 22, 2007 12:58am CST
How much in a day do you lie??? How can we get off from it or prevent on lying? As a human, we do always lie because it is by nature that man is a sinner. We were made by sin and that we will die for sin. But the question is that, in a day how much do you lie?? For me, the average rate on how many times i lie is 50% out of a hundred.. as what I've noticed when i lie to my friends, parents and etc. i dont feel at ease, you know why? because of my conscience and often times in order to make peace with a certain chaos or fight, i just lie again in order to cover that lie.... it is really something right? you lie again just cover up your first lie. to prevent on lying, why won't you set your mind never to lie or just hate lie for that matter... i know at the start it is really hard to handle but when time comes that you use never to lie than it would be a great success, i mean at least the lie that you do in a day or week would be lessen from its usual percentage of lying.
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@otters (10)
• United States
22 Aug 07
I lie alot. I lie about stupid things that i don't even need to lie about. It's pretty bad. I also get into alot of trouble.
@alamode (3073)
• United States
22 Aug 07
People usually lie for two reasons: to impress other people, or to get away with something. I was raised by my parents to tell the truth, so I would lie badly... the times I tried to do it, I gave up and let the truth come out!I am not a religious person, so that doesn't enter into it for me. I have a friend now who lies to me, and I know that she's lying, and I tell her so... I hope that over time she will realize that it could be the end of our friendship! I want to always be surrounded with love and respect from my family and friends... how could I ever hope for life to be that way if I didn't love and respect THEM?? A lie diminishes the one who tells it.