Resident Evil Extinction

Residen Evil Extinction - the novelization of this film was released in late july 2007, almost two months before the film's theatrical released. in the novelization, the characters jill valintine and angela ashford appear, despite reports saying they willnot appearin the film. the primary antagonists are dr.sam isaacs and albert wesker, as well as a horde of zombies. also being introduce is a new artificial inteligence villain the white queen similar to the red queen in the first film the white queen is improved extinctionof the red queen, with refined AI
August 22, 2007 5:41am CST
resident evil extinction is set three-to-five years after the events of apocalypse the umbrella corporation has failed to control the series to worl-wide t-virus outbreak, which has infected and killed nearly every human living on the planet. alice(milla jovovich) nowin a hiding in the nivada desert, once again join forces with carlos oliveira(oded fehr) and LJ (mike epps)along with a new survivors claire redfield(ali larter)
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