86 ford diesel glow plug dash light

United States
August 22, 2007 7:45am CST
I've driven this e-350 for the last 4 years without any major problems. thevan has been very reliable. A few days ago I stopped for a few minutes on the way home and it wouldn't start. it kind of made a clunking sound. thinking it was not getting a good connection I tapped the battery cables and it started right up. I went to move the van a few hours later and the same thing happened. tapped it again and it started. the following day I pulled all four teminals and cleaned them and it wont start now. it won't crank it start to crank for a second and stops. I had the batteries checked and the starter aslo. I've also changed the solenoids. Now I have noticed the glow plug light in the dash is not going on. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated thanks
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