Are Coyotes or Wolves Attracted to Domestic Dogs That Are in Heat?

@Nykkee (2524)
August 22, 2007 8:48am CST
We recently moved to the country. Since moveing here I have alread seen one coyote about 1 km up the road from our house. I have a large female dog and she is not fixed, I chose not to fix her because I really don't believe that it is my place to alter her body unless it is to save her life. She is her own dog and she has allt he parts she came with. My concern however is that when she goes into heat that her peeing in th yard might attract male wolves and coyotes to our property. Some people have told me that they would be afraid of Roofie (my dog) but I personally don't know if I believe that. I don't think they would be scared of her, I think they would think she is hot. So my question is, has anyone ever heard of wolves or coyotes trying to get with domestic dogs in heat?