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August 22, 2007 9:08am CST
1000 words 1 cud say, 1000 wishes 1 cud pray, 1000 miles legs cud walk, 1000 sounds a mouth cud talk, 1000 times ill b true, 1000 ways 2 say i luv u! If kisses were water, I'd give you d ocean. If hugs were leaves, Id give u a forest. If love were space, Id give u a galaxy, If friendship were life, Id give u mine for free. Ive got ur bak n uve got mine, ill help u out anytime, 2 see u hurt, 2 see u cry, makes me weep n wanna die, ill b right here, til d end, coz ur my luv & my bestfriend. wat if i say "i like you", would you text back and say it's ok? what if i tell you "i miss you", would you go back and say you'll stay? how about if i confess that "i love you" would you ever text back? don't be too good, i might miss you. don't be too caring, i might like you. don't be too sweet, i might fall. it's hard for me to love you when you won't love me after all. There are 12 months in a year...30 days in a month...7 days a week...24 hours in a day...60 minutes in an hour...but only ONE like u in a life time.
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@phayeth (519)
• Philippines
14 Sep 07
the poem is very nice.. hehehehe.. i like it.
• India
25 Sep 07
evn i agree...i found this on a website n loved the feel. gotta say , some of the lines r unwanted though