Do you miss your mom?

I love my Mom - Do you get to see your mother as much as you'd like too
United States
August 22, 2007 10:03am CST
I miss my dad too. Even though he is gone I still pray about him all the time. My mother is only one state away, and I called her on her birthday and Mothers Day I still wish I had more contact with her. Like doing girl stuff.
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@vinzen (1022)
• India
22 Aug 07
Yes, i miss my mother a lot, as shes no longer around and passed away a few years back. I miss her dearly but somehow feel that shes very much around me too. I dont think the people whom we love so dearly and to whom we are so attached, can ever die or leave us, they are always around as our guardian angels and there to guide us too. I miss everything about her, her very presence her love and her concern etc, but i know where ever she is she must be very happy and content to see us. And she was the kind of lady, to go out of her way to help anyone who would seek her help. I miss my mother, most of all, but i know deep within, shes always with me.
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@sanju21 (135)
• United States
22 Aug 07
When I was a child I looked upon my mother as a symbol of fear and anger.She was so hot tempered and was out and out a strict disciplinarian who wouldn't tolerate a single nuisance on our part-me and my sister.My dad comparatively was much patient though he was always busy in his work and had little time for us.But as we grew up and parted in due course of time we became much close and my mother is now a totally different lady with different traits.Sometimes I think she has changed by 360 degree.Yes I do miss my mom now, and since my father is no longer alive she needs my support all the more.Every weekend either I used to pay her a visit or else she comes.Not only that when she comes she never comes emptyhanded but like true to her role she brings lots of home made foods,cakes and other stuffs I like.At one point of time she brought for me those precious possessions of mine like a pink diary in which I used to write poems as a kid .I though I lost that one long back and I regretted like anything at the loss but my sweet mom surprised me out of my wits by reuniting me with my old pal-that pink diary of my childhood days.
@CeJones1 (17)
• United States
29 Aug 07
I loss my dad in 1995 and still continue to miss his quiet ways and friendly smile. It's ok to miss your lossed loved one. Because of your love for him, you will most likely continue to miss him, however by cherishing the memories, it's a blessing. Even though you cannot see your Mom as often as you like, just continuing doing what you are doing. I am sure she appreciates it.