Is the present education more effective

@SHAMRACK (8384)
August 22, 2007 10:27am CST
I do think in some schools it is effective were as in other school the education syllabus has become a burden and it has been seen more students are getting hated towards their studies. Hope a better education could make a better generation and better world.
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@casita (237)
• United States
23 Aug 07
Ah!. . . the Education question! When my eldest was going to start school the city I lived in (just south of Detroit) had absolutely horrible schools. Fire alarms that didn't work, leaking roof, doors chained shut. That was enough that the quality of education really didnt' matter. I chose parrochial school for my sons. When time for high school came, I lived in another city. I inquired about the statistics for Mexican students. (I am a daughter of Mexican immigrants.)In Detroit at the time, a very high percentage (higher than the national average) didn't make it to graduation. They couldn't give me statistics. I mean, they wouldn't/couldn't even look it up and get back to me. I believe they didnt' know how to access that info or simply didn't want to answer my questions. I chose to keep my sons in parrochial education for high school. Now, with my youngest, we live somewhere else and I believe the schools, the buildings.. . everything. . is a lot better. However, having examined things all the way down the line, I do believe he's getting a better education than he would in the local public school. Besides, it makes a difference to me that my boys all prayed every day with their classmates. It makes a difference to me that the attend church at least once a week, and more often during Lent. It also makes a difference to me that the school is small enough that even the janitor knows my son's name. This is not to say that I am anti-public school. There are some really great public schools in my area, particularly further north of where I live. And there are some really great charter schools in the City of Detroit as well. Oh. . .and my son's first football game is today!
@SHAMRACK (8384)
• India
23 Aug 07
Hi, There who are not even given chance to taste the educatin in our country. Still it is better for them to not to take such burdens.
• Malaysia
23 Aug 07
Talking about education system, about 'burden' I would say yes. But sometime we have to know, as the technologies is changing but the structure of the schooling entry and system is not changing. Concerning the age of entry to compulsory education in the U.S., it VARIES, according to the state, between 5 and 7 years of age, 6 being the most common; the age of exit varies between 16 and 18 years of age, the most common being 16. THE LENGTH of primary education varies from four to seven years. According to its length it is followed (or not) by a number of years of middle school education (generally three years). Secondary education occurs in grades 7-12, depending upon the laws and policies of states and local school districts. There is no NATIONAL STRUCTURE, curriculum or governing law; all laws and policies are set and enforced by the 50 state governments and the over 14,000 local school districts. All states and school districts have set the secondary school graduation level as the completion of 12th grade, and the common name for the secondary graduation qualification is the High School Diploma.