ethics vs law ... immigrants, guns, murder, nationalism and religion

@soadnot (1606)
August 22, 2007 11:00am CST
I was reading this discussion and found it amazing how so many people were blinded by nationalism. It asked if the church shelters and takes care of an illegal immigrant, should thay be fined? here it is if you want to check it out: now, i never thought i would be standing up for the church but, they are upholding the universal laws of ethics.. (even though one may argue that the main priority is to convert the immigrant who is being taken care of lol but thats not the point). the point is, many people were arguing that the church should be fined for not following the laws of the government. what kind of society do we live in where we uphold government laws, the laws that some idiots make in order to control the economy and people, over ethical laws, the laws that all human beings hold as being "wrong", unless they are sociopaths or have their own version of morality (IE religion, islam says its okay to hit when you are hit). I mean, nationalism blinds so many people nowadays, and its not whether your a conservative or liberal, its a matter of ethical law vs governmental law. one said that it was okay if the immigrant died in their own country, but not here.. i think that is insane. but then, this leaves us another question... if one person is allowed to have a gun, all people are because people are equal. if a soldier, however, is allowed to kill, then ALL PEOPLE should be allowed to kill, or else, people are not equal. does this mean that the government controls everything? even our ability to choose right and wrong? have we all become slaves to the government?
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