He doesnt want to admit he still loves me..

August 22, 2007 11:52am CST
My ex of two months is really stubborn. We were supposed to hang out yeterday before he left for college but he cancelled out on me, because his bank account was whiped out, he was really upset and i got in the "protective" mode and went to see him and brough him lunch. He got so unbelievably upset at me. So we rescheduled for thursday. Go figure, he canncelled out on me again cause he thinks that its a bad idea. The worst part is.. yesterday I found out the real reason he dumped me. Because he was scared wed break up in college on bad terms and never talk to eachother again! He said he was purposely trying to hate me to make himself feel better. Its so hard, i know he still loves me, but hes to afraid to admit it to himself so he treats me really bad. Its the hardest thing knowing he loves me but for some reaosn were not together, becuase we both would be so much happier right now with eachother. Now he just keeps treating me bad and yelling at me all the time. Its tearing me apart. How come some people are so unreasonable and stubborn? If only he finally admitted to himself how he felt, everything could be fixed.
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• United States
22 Aug 07
or could it be yourself that maybee cant admit he dosent????get over it and get a life men are like busses theres one along every few minutes
• Canada
22 Aug 07
mhmm actually i do know he still loves me, but I do know he doesnt want to admit it cuase hes leaving for college in 2 weeks. And maybe thats how you see men, but I dont think of it that way.
@russeka (34)
• Australia
25 Aug 07
thats so sad. i was in a similar situation early late last yr. my bf of 2 yr ditched me coz he was goign to uni and didnt want to countine, coz he thought i would get jeaelous about his new founf freedom. need less to say i did but didnt at the same time. we're still friends now, but i feel that we could have worked through it if we tryed and really wanted to make it work. he ended up moving to the US becoz he couldnt stand the mistake that he made and hates himself for it
@laridbz (1287)
• China
22 Aug 07
No one know your story, so it's really difficult for someone who doesn't have a clue about it to comment. But for me, it sounds pretty much like he is not as in love as you think he is. As someone said before, it sounds that it's you who doesn't want to admit he doesn't want anything anymore. Well, I'll say it again: only the both of you know exaclty what's going on. If things happen exactly how you're saying, I think you should stop insisting. If he still loves you, but still then is trying to hate you, give him some time, so he can think about it and realize if he wants you back or not. And if he doesn't, I think it's better if you don't insist. Men usually hate it. Well, good luck, sweetie!