what do you do if your love leave you?

@rima0013 (441)
August 22, 2007 1:36pm CST
i have been feeling in love with a girl by 3 years until now ,she has the same feeling and totally we are happy of beeing with each other... some day she asked me what would i do if she would leave me? i couldn't tell her exactly what i'll do!!! becuase i can't imagine that she'll leave me some time in future!!! i can't live without her ,realy i can't!!! what do you do if you be in some positions like this? did you have some experiences before? if yes ,what did you do?
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@doli64 (20)
• China
23 Nov 07
If my love leave me, and I am very sad certainly. But I don not think I will drop myself even can not live. Time will dilute something even change somthing.
@wonderful1 (2076)
• China
30 Aug 07
i can't forget my ex-boyfriend, but i don't love him anymore, he is just a relative for me and i hope he can find his suitable girl and live a better life. now sometimes i will miss him. when i leave him, and i drop teas everyday, and when i see someone who is like him, then i can't do anything except noticing the boy. now i think how stupid i am, but now i find my Mr.Right, and i live a better life.
@cherriemae (3374)
• Philippines
25 Aug 07
oh..that's too painful when your love leave you..it's really suited on what i've been experienced..i'm a single mom, then the father of my baby leave me when i'm still 3mos pregnant..that was almost 3yrs from now..but i already forgive him for all that he done to me and i'm happy with my new boyfriend right now..just move on and you can find peace of mind..goodluck to you
• China
23 Aug 07
my boyfriend and me have been together for almost five years. we love each other very much, we stay together almost every day from high school to college now( we were in the same class in high schoo and now in the same college and our homes are but 15 minutes' walk.) but we still face the fact that we might got part one day because things are changing all the time and who knows what will be different and who will change. so we enjoy every day now when we are together. but if he leaves me one day, i think i will just keep going on. of course, it takes time to get it over, but we would be totally two people then and we each have individaul lives. so, keep going on and live happily, that's what he want to see although we can not be together anymore.
• India
22 Aug 07
all i can say is that im pretty much in the same position as u r. i hv been in love with my girl for some 1 yr . everything was so cool untill oneday when v had a small fight. v went go far from eachother... n the distance made us realise that v jus cant live without eachother.. i jus love her a lot. dnt knw wat i'l b without her