How a Grand Piano works?

August 22, 2007 10:57pm CST
How a Grand Piano works? Would youlike to play a grand piano? On some instrument it would take much practice for you to produce even a sound, but press a few piano keys in the right order and you are already making music! A few people are gifted with the ability to play by earn. However, must find that simple, doit yourself manuals soon to teach them to play a melody with thier right hand and while the left provides the accompaniment. Imagine your sense of achievement when you canpaly a favorite melody for yourself with the help of sheet music! Will you choose a stirring march, a gentle waltz, or perhaps a favorite ballad? Maybe you will paly the rhythm of latin america or perhaps some jazz. What fun it is to play a duet with a freind! Think, too,of the pleasure you could give by accompanying a group of freinds as they sing or play other instruments around yo. Are you inspired to try this world of music of yourself?
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