Have You Experienced Vertigo and Migraine???

August 23, 2007 1:49am CST
I thought having migraine all these years was worst since I have to live with it for all my life. I have this condition since I can remember and even got immuned that it's really a part of me. BUT I was wrong! It got even worst, just last year I've been having these problem and it usually occurs when I wake up in the morning that when I get up my world starts to spin around, get dizzy and everything, so I just lie again then wait for sometime then it goes away... Then it became frequent that It affects my job, most of all my life! I thought at first that it was one of my migraine attacks, sort of a different way... but the difference is my head doesn't hurt. And medicines don't do any good to get rid of it. So I decided to go see my doctor for new medicine subscription since it's really getting worst. Well what do you know it wasn't even migraine but VERTIGO! If you asked me I'd like to have migraine than vertigo but what do you know I have both! Hmmm sometimes I just wish that even for one whole month I don't have an attack on vertigo or migraine... it really sucks and it's ruining my life. Have you experienced vertigo? or migraine? Can anyone share how to cope up with any of this?
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