fellow commuter part 2

@Mathurin (491)
August 23, 2007 4:14am CST
Of course you will know this is about him I still don't know his name hahahhaha This morning, I had a feeling I will see him again in the bus. And, indeed, I saw him, without a seatmate!!! So from the back, i gather my stuff and approached him. i asked him if somebody already got the seat and he said no. So hah! Maybe he recognized me, maybe he didn't. But it is more probable that he does and we both ignore it. He's so annoyed at the two DJs over the radio and he made a fuss about that, which in returns annoys me. But i didn't made a fuss about that nor showed him any sign he's getting as loud as the two DJs. Promise, I didn't... I'm even prepared to smile at him if I thought necessary. He called a friend, asked if he woke the friend up and then began complaining about the two DJs. He said he's so irritated at tehir voice and he wants to sleep but the DJs are too noisy. But if that is the case, he might as well ask the woman behind us to shut up. But oh well, it is still fun... I didn't expect seeing him again hehehehe
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