I hate people who still insist wearing real fur.

@zabawaus (1732)
United States
August 23, 2007 4:27am CST
Today i watched a video shows how to get a real fur from an animal. Did you know that they don't even kill the animal while getting their skin. They are doing this while the animal is still alive. I hope all will burn in hell. Want to kill them the way they tortured the animals.
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@CEN7777 (858)
• India
23 Aug 07
Oh my god I realy did not know that. How a person became so much cruel that they remove fur from animal when they are alive. This is the cruelest thing to any living being. Why peopls need real fur , When artificial furs are easily available at almost every places.how these people do such cruelity just for money and fun. I agree with u Zabawaus such people should punished heavly on earth it self, and such of thier acts must be protested strongly.
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@Nykkee (2523)
• Canada
23 Aug 07
I am with you. But it just made me think of something that is now worrying me. Where do they get the fur for on the little mice toys that you buy for a cat at the pet store? I mean they are making them for an animal so you would expect that they should know better than to hurt an animal, but I never thought about it until right now......my cat loves those mice, he has like 10......
@zabawaus (1732)
• United States
23 Aug 07
You are right they are for sure from other animals. I am trying to be careful about not to buy anything if i don't know what it is made from. Thanks for the reply.