I want to KILL this guy...for real, I want to smash his head in.

@Nykkee (2524)
August 23, 2007 4:56am CST
Has anyone here seen American History X? You know the part at the beginning where the KKK guy kills the black guy? Well this guy derserves to die this way.....read, and you will agree with me: There is this girl in the town where I live, I went to school with her and knew her all my life, she is both mine and my husband's friend. She doesn't have any children yet, like me :(, and so like me she has animals. She had 2 cats, a male and a female. Both were wonderful animals. Then she got another female cat. The new female cat felt that is was perfectly okay to pee in whichever of the 3 litter boxes she felt she wanted to use at the time. The original female did not agree, she was disgusted and refused to pee where another cat had already peed and so she began peeing on the floor. The girl that owned here lives in a rental house and would have gotten evicted if she has allowed this to continue, so she moved this cat to her basement so it could have a private floorand a private litter box away from the other cat, and began looking for a new home for her, because she was way too social to live in the basement. After much searching the girl found a new home for her cat, she was just so glad that her cat could get some attention now. Well the idiot she gave the cat to lost his apartment and moved onto the couch of some other guy that works at the same plant as all the people I have mentioned so far. Well the cat was use to pooping of the floor and was haveing a hard time breaking the habit, but as all cat owners know a normal cat turd is just like a little brown rock, its not that disgusting, and east to pick up. Anyway apparently this.........................(*sigh* I want to list every curse word from every language that has ever existed but then they will delete my discussion) came home from work, wearing steel toed shoes and kicked the cat in the face, he broke her jaw and all her teeth and god knows what else, (I can't go see her becuase I'd probably lose my mind and go on a killing spree). The cat need $1000 worth of surgery, luckily this plant is filled with enough animal lovers that the girl was able to raise the money for the surgery from donations from co-workers, however the .......................... packed up and moved the the other side of the country before anybody go hold of him. I want to see him suffer, don't you? Share your feelings on the subject. I would post pictures and a name in case there is anyone from Yellowknife on here that might want to exact some revenge for this poor defensless animal, but I don't have a name and pictures, not yet.