What's unique in her songs? ^_^

August 23, 2007 7:31am CST
Hi, guys!! What's your own opinion about the special places of her? What do you like most?? ^_^
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• Bulgaria
17 Sep 07
It's incontravertible that Mariah has an outstanding voice.Perhaps the fact that her diapazone is huge makes her so special.From too low tones she can head off to the almost impossible high ones.This ofthen usage of low and high tones puts more colour in her songs and make them sound from beautiful to even more beautiful ones!Deep bow infront of her!
19 Sep 07
I've always loved Mariah Carey's songs, even though I loved her eally songs better, her song 'we belong together' simply blew my mind when it was released. I feel so alive when i'm listening to that song.
@goymon (40)
• Philippines
1 Oct 07
dont like her voice. dont like the "whistle" effect regine is muc better than her, specially when it comes to hitting high notes
@marge26 (43)
• Philippines
1 Oct 07
Her unrivaled voice and the arrangement of her songs. She's just amazing doing the back-up singing as well.
@meemingNEW (2228)
• Philippines
27 Sep 07
All of Mariah Carey's songs are music to my ears.I totally am a big fan of her and most especially her song. Her style is way off the chart. I mean, she's on top of it all. Her voice fits with the hiphop beat.. And when she sings all those mellow / love songs and when she raises her voice, ahhhhh. . It's just so fantastic, amazing.. For the record in my opinion, there will no longer be another Mariah Carey ever again.
@zer0charly (5618)
• Philippines
24 Sep 07
Most of her songs have her high pitch notes..which is like a bird chearping..LOL. I love all her song.. It always makes me go dancing.
• United States
27 Aug 07
The uniqueness (is that a word?lol)lies in her voice. Especially now that her style has come to mirror those of curret R&B chicks...it is her voice that makes her stand out among the rest. Her ability to sing low, high, and strongly no matter what they key is the key to her longevity.
@Nahara (1673)
• Israel
24 Aug 07
I love her voice and her writing style though I liked her early years better but she's still amazing and multi talented woman noone can top her when it comes to music