Do you pay too much for school supplies ?

August 23, 2007 2:58pm CST
Summer is almost over and children are going back to school or in some area's are already back in school , what is it like in your area for school supplies ? Do you find the prices way to high ? Do you find the school expects you to buy too much ? Do you enjoy buying school supplies ? Have you ever not bought everything on the list for your children because you felt they were expecting to much from you as a parent ? The school supply list in our area is outrageous and gets worse each year . I started to buy some of the stuff for my son and spent $125.00 so far and have only got half of it . I still have two other children to buy for and feel they are getting a little ridiculous in what they expect parents to buy each year . This year my son will be going into grade seven and still needs a box of kleenex the same as the elementary children . The school has asked that we buy three packages of lined paper along with scribbler , graph paper etc . I can't for the life of me figure out what they are planning on doing with all this paper and I know it is going to be wasted as it is every year . He was still asked to bring in crayons , marker and pencil crayons , highlighters , three big glue sticks and scissors . He is going into grade seven and I can't figure out why he is going to need all this stuff for coloring when I feel that in grade seven they should be spending more of there time working rather then coloring and pasting pictures . The list was a little ridiculous and very highly priced with what they expected us to buy . They have to have binders , portfolios , duo tangs and project holders all in specific colors . They need two pairs of sneakers , kit box , 60 pencils , three packages of pens etc . Once they start back to school we are also expected to send in money for locker fee's , jornal fee's and fee's for after school projects , plays during the year and money for class trips . The list is endless and I can't remember all of it and was wondering what it was like in your area . Do you feel you were expected to buy too much or are you happy with the list or do you just pay a fee and the teacher buys the suppplies for the students ? Share with me your thoughts and idea's on what it is like in your area !!
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• United States
23 Aug 07
YES!!! They are way too much!! Granted my school supply list is a tad differnt (I am in college) so I have to buy pens, pencils, paper and things like that. Unfortunately I also have to buy $60-$100 books, a graphing calculator, new software for my computer, and a new backpack. But, yes, school supplies are way too expensive.
• Canada
23 Aug 07
Sorry to hear that , this means that it is not going to get any better when they are all in college . Thank you for your response !!
• Philippines
24 Aug 07
I do not pay much for school supplies. My kids are studying in a public school where we dont have to buy books and if ever we have to buy any school supplies, we always have the choice to buy the cheap brands. However, I am not so satisfied with the standard and the quality of their education.
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@ml2blog (414)
• United States
25 May 08
I am in college now, of course, it will cost me too much on school supplies. In just one semester, I spent almost $500 USD. Isn't that crazy!