How would you like to live your life...??

United States
August 23, 2007 3:29pm CST
in a simple way?.. I would like to live with a love companion,,have my job and when i come home from work take a shower eat something and watch some tv.On weekends i want to go to the beach and spend the whole day resting without worries,only the regular bills and thats it.I would like to have privacy wich i dont have right now.I would like to live in a different town were nobody knows me.I would like to go to church and once and for all stay visiting church forever. This is the life i dream of.... AND YOU?????
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@2babita (1074)
• India
24 Aug 07
I like to live simple life with my family.I want to go for weekends and take rest.Yes,we all want the same way.
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@lecanis (16664)
• Murfreesboro, Tennessee
23 Aug 07
I want to be healthy, for starters... and for my husband and son to be healthy. Those are the main things I think of immediately whenever asked what I want, because we've all had health problems. I want to live in a big enough house that we don't feel squashed there, but small enough to be cozy. I want to live where there is a lot of nature around, and have my own space to worship my Gods in a natural setting, without having neighbors think I'm weird or wonder what I am doing. I want to have a job that I enjoy doing, and have my husband have a job that he enjoys doing as well, with us both still having enough time to spend with our son. So likely we'd both work part time, that would be awesome. And there have to be good schools for my son, because he is brilliant and will have need of good teachers.
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