Reba's verson of "Because of You"

United States
August 23, 2007 4:55pm CST
This is a discussion of if Reba McIntire's version of Because of You is better than Kelly Clarkson's. Personally I think that Reba's version does Kelly's song an injustice. Her voice, the way the song is done, it's just is torture to listen to it.
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@KrauseHome (35507)
• United States
23 Aug 07
Torture of who singing it? I have seen both of them sing it together, and then both of them sing it apart. This is a Good song, and one of my favorites right now as well. Wish you would have compared these a little more with your thoughts so people here would have known what your thoughts were. Just my opinion.
• United States
28 Aug 07
It just sounds horrible when I hear Reba singing it when I know that Kelly is a better singer!
• United States
30 Aug 07
I totally agree with you on that romance88. Kelly's talent so outshines Reba! Kelly is a better singer than Reba!
@unclestan (152)
• Canada
24 Aug 07
Although I enjoy both of these artists, I must admit I do enjoy Kelly Clarkson's version of this song more. Of course, is this due to the fact,Kelly's version was the first one I ever heard? I find this is an important factor...because I tend to mentally compare against the original. I do prefer Kelly's tonal qualities,the use of the keyboard in her arrangement and I feel her presentation of the lyrics is more believable...nothing major,just subtle changes in her phrasing to exemplify her emotional state. And isn't that the key....making the song believable? There are many songs I enjoy not because the artists are especially talented singers...but because "something" unique about their vocal characteristics...make that specific song believable to me i.e. Bonnie Tyler,"It's A Heartache". To the country fan(especially one who doesn't listen to pop radio),Reba McEntire's version is probably the top we can all be happy in our own way... enjoying a great song!