What's in a NAME?

August 23, 2007 7:06pm CST
Have you discovered what the meaning of your name is?? I once was curious about my name and how on earth did my mother and father came up with my name.. Have you asked your parents why they named you with something like john, sharon, neil, michael, chris..or LIVVY? Well, since i became curious.. i did ask my parents why they named me Livvy.. They said they just saw the name in a scrapbook cover at home and they thought it would be nice if they named me after that character in a scrapbook cover. Hmm. So i discovered that i was named after a scrapbook cover character.. hmmm.. i did another research of what the real meaning of my name is.. I consulted the dictionary and the internet as well, I discovered the same thing... my name means PEACE.. LIVVY is a variation of the female names: OLIVE, OLIVIA, OLIVETTE, OLLIE, LIV..its latin in origin.. Sooo.. that is why the branch or leaves of the olive tree is used as a symbol of peace (do you often see a dove with an olive branch in between her beak to symbolize peace? TRIVIA: an olive branch is also found in the logo of UN, symbolizing the main purpose of the organization which is to achieve peace and security.) So that's it, i hope to live my name, lol.. i try to. :-p How about you? What's in your name? Share your discoveries..
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@hobohobo (681)
• Indonesia
24 Aug 07
well trully i never know what my name mean's :D but my mother said that my name was taken from my dad's friend, this is great idea, maybe i will try find out what my name mean
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• Philippines
24 Aug 07
okay, then you can tell us what your name is and what it means.. thanks for responding. :-)
22 Apr 08
My name mean's god's gift and I'd like to think that I could live up to it though it's a bit of a tall order I think. I was named after my Polish grandad's sister. She passed away a aouple of years ago now and I feel odd being the only person with this slightly old fashioned polish name in the UK and as far as i know the world lol. But i like it it's nice - especially when I can truly say I am god's gift to the earth lol.