work and love

August 23, 2007 9:22pm CST
How can we choose between work and love?My boyfriend is going to be work in Shanghai,but his final dream is to work in the United State and live in there.He want me to go with him but I don't want to give up my work and leave from my parents.Who can heip me to do this choice?I'm very puzzled...
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@KingCold (29)
• United States
24 Aug 07
Just make a choice. Pick the path that is right for you and go for it. If you can find a job similar to the one that you are working now, that would be great but if you can't then maybe you should find another field to work in. If you have made a career for yourself ask, Is the man I love worth the hassle of finding a new career? And he should ask himself the same guess, just remove 'man' and put in 'woman'. Just sit down, look into each others eyes and imagine where your lives can go. If they go to Shanghai, go and be happy. If not, stay but most important of all you must be honest with yourselves and stay true to your hearts.
• China
24 Aug 07
Thanks for your good advice!I believe I can find the balence between work and love.We all have dream but we cannot foresee the future.I shall have a talk with my boyfriend and make an agreement.Thanks a lot!