Do You Think This Is Right?-Your Opinion Needed

@mari610 (360)
United States
August 23, 2007 9:31pm CST
Someone from a group community website (not Mylot)I am a member of., decided to post an entire criminal record,(no major crimes here) of a well known celebrity,(will not mention who) for the members of this group to read.This person obviously hates the celebrity she posted about, even though she never met the person. In my opinion, I thought this was terribly mean spirited and obviously done to smear this person for no reason but her hatred for him or her.Although I understand that records of this nature, are public domain and anyone could obtain this information, I have no respect for this person who went out of her way to post such a thing on a community website.I would really like to know your opinions on a person who would do this, for nothing more than having hatred for someone she doesn't even know. Please respond,
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