What should i do?

August 25, 2007 3:30am CST
i don't like busy that i'm too tired,but i don't like free that i have much time! some years ago,i'm very busy,i get many many things that i can't get them from school and books.i found that it's very dangerous sometimes.so,i hope i can free that i can't touch more things from life.
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• China
30 Aug 07
Life is not a race but a journey you should treasure each step of the way.Don't be so tired,try to release yourself!and learn more concrete knowledge. Life is what we make it, try to make it beautiful! Wish you happy! my lovable friend;-)
• China
9 Jun 08
Thanks for your answer, I feel very glad. U know that the life is not easy, and I face many things which make me very pain in my heart. Just I feel the friendship is very short and the love is not long. I miss my lover and my friend who are the people of hubei, I feel sad very much. But now, I feel very warm, because I found that we are still good friend. hehe.