Starcraft GEEZER

August 25, 2007 5:22am CST
Admittedly, I am a StarCraft GEEZER!! How about you? Starcraft GEEZER because I am too old to be playing video games as much as I do and I am really terrible at gaming but I still do it anyway! I am a really fast learner but I forget stuff after a few 'rounds' and then I get my butt whupped all the time by ugly Zergs and whacky Protoss freaky guys. I'm old and immature enough to keep playing StarCraft even when my friends laugh at me about it. I don't care - maybe one day, this StarCraft geezer will be able to finish levels without using cheats or using the 'save' function when I get myself into strategically ridiculous messes during the game. Maybe someone nice from myLot will post some cool and EASY strategies that will help me play better. Who knows... Are you an experienced StarCraft game player? Can you put some tips in the thread for an old StarCraft Geezer?
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• China
16 Sep 07
Hay, why not keep playing starcraft? It's really a wonderful game for all of us. I played it since 2000 and I am still absorbed in it. I prefer Zerg because when I began to play the game, I think Zerg is easier. Thus, I select Zerg as my main race. Currently, I play starcraft at the net battle field. Some tips: 1 Keep enjoying starcraft. 2 Try to communicate with other players. 3 Remmember the aim of game: play for fun!
• Canada
23 Sep 07
Hey, thanks a lot for the encouragement, Flyinocean! I will keep playing - and I'll try playing from Zerg perspective for a day or so and see if that helps my skill level at all.
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