Watching the whole naruto series within your lifetime?

August 25, 2007 8:19am CST
Time flies. It's been five years since I started watching Naruto. Right now, we are starting to see Akatsuki in actions. My question is "do u think we can watch the final epsiode of Naruto within our lifetime?". It's really my favourite anime and the thought of not being able to complete the whole series in my lifetime will really prove to be the biggest regret of my life. :(
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• Malaysia
25 Aug 07
The artist of the comic is probably older than you (he's definitely older than me), and I'm sure he'd prefer to finish the comic (and TV series) within his lifetime, so yes, I think you'd be able to see the final episode of Naruto in your lifetime. Unless you die young or something, so let's just hope that doesn't happen. But is Naruto really your favourite anime? Everyone I know keeps complaining about all the filler episodes it has...