Tested: posts number same every day. Earnings less every day. Why?

@trickomm (309)
August 25, 2007 8:48am CST
So can you tell me that? This is my 4th day on mylot and first day I got for 50 posts 52 cents, second day I got for next 50 posts just 42 cents, and now I made at the last 24 hours another 60 (!) posts and I geg 36 cents! I can't believe that because day by day I try to write longer answers (posts) and I opened more discussions I got more answers, my rating is growing, so I can't understand this system. Do anybody know, why?
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@cempires (171)
• United States
25 Aug 07
MyLot is a fun place, and meant to be a Social Discussion Network. Most places similiar to this, do not pay members at all. The fact that MyLot does is a perk, and should not be thought of as a means to making a living. Do it for fun and to discover new friends and knowledge, and don't stress out about the money you do or don't make here. If that is your only reason for being here, perhaps you should find new avenues to make your internet living and just enjoy MyLot for what it is.
@trickomm (309)
• Hungary
25 Aug 07
I understand you but there's a simple example: You go to holiday to Paris, France. While you just walking on the streets a riporter come and she tells you: "We choosed you and you are the winner of our game, you win 10 000 Euros if you can tell me what's the name of Paris simbolic building". Will you say to her: "Thanks I don't need this money because I'm in vacation" ??? It's OK to have fun here and we get money for it, but every site has own rules and I don't know this site's rules and I want to inform about the system.