Strange happenings, ghost, guide, hacker?

By Amy
Abernathy, Texas
August 25, 2007 11:17am CST
I went to sleep last night with a migraine. The last thing I looked at on the web was mylot. I woke up this morning and turned on the monitor and up pops a webpage without me clicking on anything. Its a page for merriamwebster - the online dictionary. A dictionary, btw, that I no longer use - preferring just to click on from my google bar. The word on the page is auspicious. A word I'm familiar with, it means prosperous. Or favourable. As in, finding this page is an auspicious beginning to my day. Or, finding this page mysteriously on my computer portends - er forshadows auspicious things in my day or future. I ran upstairs immediately to my husband, still sleeping as he works nights. "Sweetie! Sweetie!" Grumble. "Did you use my computer for anything? " He has his own laptop - its in the dining room and faces the living room - and the tv. mm mmm. He makes the noise for no. Although for him its very close to the uprising tone for yes. "Sweetie! Did you use my computer to look up a word? " He tells me no. So, either someone on the net hacked into my computer and is messing with me, or - well the way I choose to see - good things will be happening. Silly huh? Anything wierd like this happen to you? Not to unusual for me. Appliances and lights have always been messed with in my home - any home - since I was really young. You know, the channel changes - sometimes more then once or turns off - or the tv turns on - and I look - and the remote is nowhere close to me. And of course, for anyone who reads my discussions I keep the baby crib in my room still because all our monitors stop working. Within a very short time. Its not the battery or channel. Maybe my baby is fooling with our heads! Of course its just some wierd coincidence and like the other things can be explained away. The monitors - I live on an Air Force base - and I'm told by my friend on base, they are working on a lot of things here that could possibly interfere, plus the planes. Maybe someone in another apartment - or right now - house - points their remote towards us. And from what I've heard its easy for hackers to mess with computers - though how many do it for such wierd reasons. I still, however, choose to see as an auspicious, for me, happening.
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