Const-Con II: an exercise in imagination....

United States
August 25, 2007 1:12pm CST
Scenario: it is the year 2076. The United States is recovering from the Great Social Revolution of the 2060's, where everyday citizens finally united to overthrow the monied special interests which had a stranglehold on politics, the courts and legislation for nearly a century. To honor the tricentennial of the birth of the U.S., the People have chosen to convene the Second Constitutional Convention. It will be broadcast live, worldwide, beginning on July 4, 2076. Every household of every U.S. citizen on the planet can link via WWW4 (the one they finally got right) and participate. The original Constitution will retain all force of law, intact, and provide the basis for the Second Constitution. One critical goal of this body will be the reconciliation of society's standards with technological advances, especially in the areas of medicine and privacy. So, what will they come up with? What kinds of issues will be included? I think a further definition of the Second Amendment of the original Constitution will provide some of the liveliest debate.
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