BOKITO the monkey who escape from our zoo.

August 25, 2007 5:43pm CST
I bet you all heart about bokito ? I think it is an very sad case. animals dont belong in a cage. if I think about a bengal tiger in the middle of amsterdam - or a rhino,giraffe, they dont belong there. neighter do bokito in the middle of rotterdam. people shouting to him tip on the windows all day. I feel so sorry for him . only for the day he broke out he jump for 4 meters and than - he catch a woman who say she loves him lol he bite her 95 times wow good bokito . the woman survived and say she still loves him. well she must have a big heart . but the reason bokito broke out is of that same woman. she goes every day to the zoo in rotterdam. and every day she visit bokito. so every day she looks him in the eyes and ask for his - atention. I even saw that on video how she calls him and make funny- faces to him. it is so sad dont she understand or is she to stupid for that. no wonder bokito gets her hehehe its her own fold. I think all animals in the zoo "s all over the world are sad. even if people say they have an good life there . thats bull.... animals dont belong in the zoo dont you think ?
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