BB8 UK - better or worse than BB4

August 26, 2007 4:15am CST
I think I can safely say that 2007 is not a good year for Big Brother in the UK with the race row at the beginning of the year and then fear of controversy and complaints in BB8. I don't think BB8 topped was better than BB7, BB6 or BB5 at all. However, BB4 being the most boring and worst rated series of Big Brother so far, do you think BB8 was worse than BB4?? I suppose it depends how you describe "worse." I think BB4 was bad because the characters weren't interesting enough to provide any type of entertainment. However BB8 had the characters but the producers didn't even try and take advantage of the fiery bunch. I mean the twins should have been split at sometime. There should have been more stirring when Charley was in the house etc etc. Your thoughts??
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@Sicantik (706)
26 Aug 07
I don't remember bb4 but I think this year bb8 is not so bad. I agree that they should split the twins .I wish charley stayed longer and went head to head with gerry.But over all I'm quite satisfied with the outcome I think they have the right last six people in the house. I hope the twins will win...!!