How to talk with people?

@foshou (17)
August 26, 2007 6:12am CST
When I meet unknown people ,I don't know what to say .My mind is vacant.I am very nervous.What shoud I do ?
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@cher913 (25890)
• Canada
26 Aug 07
first you need to work on your confidence level and believe that what you have to say is important. second you need to think of things to say, read, listen to the radio etc... i am sure there are many websites on line that will be able to help you in regards to both of these.
• Malaysia
26 Aug 07 are!!!But I like your open card style. OK continue to your subject and descriptions of discussion. You have to greet people in polite manner. Just three(3) keys of get knowing either your stranger(so called in here) take friendly or not. 1. Start with precious words of greeting; like 'hello' or 'hi'. if he/she reply to you in good manner, maybe also by that same word, means you can proceed to the next step. 2. How are doing? If you get reply, that sounds good for third step. 3. Mentioning for why or reason you are at that spot. After all that three(3) steps accepted in that common communication, you can have your continuing communication.