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August 26, 2007 2:14pm CST
I am new to this site..I was surfing and I came acros this site and saw there was a woman on here who has an autistic son who is 9 yr old..she goes by the name of donnaroos(26) and lives in north carolina..she was interested in talking to other people who have autistic children and I could not figure out how to talk to her, I was interested intalkng to her aobut it because i too, hae a son who is almost 11 who is autistic as well, an would be interested n talking with her moe about this..I have been trying to find someone who understands how difficult it can get raisng a child like that and maybe get some support from someone who knows what it is like...if anyone or her comes across this and knows what I am talking about please feel free to stop and discuss this with me..
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@Jlowe110 (313)
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26 Aug 07
About a couple months ago, I got invited to work with a couple Autistic children for the whole day, at a day camp. I can see how hard it would be to raise an autistic child. They just see the world totally different.