Only in the philippines

Heres one of the spots people crazt about- located - If you want to visit here try to research first. Or have a copy of lonely planet.
August 27, 2007 4:44am CST
Have you been to the Philippines- the land of many beaches with paradise-like valley of breath-taking sites and views? Or do you already have a copy of the lonely planet tourism spots booklet. Or do you have plans of going on vacation?Boastfully aside, although I am from the philippines, it doesnt mean that I am selling the Philippines to you. I am just saying the truth. Every year, foreigners flocks when its peak season especially during summer. Here are some of the sites if you are a beach lover: 1.) Palawan
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@gabesmom (1246)
• United States
27 Aug 07
Thanks for posting a beautiful picture from the Philippines. I haven't been home in years and miss the gorgeous beaches there. I plan to take my son for a vacation in the near future so that he could see how lovely the land and the people are. I just wish the political and economic situation improve.
28 Aug 07
Hello mother... Hehehe. How long have you been far from our country? YOu must have not seen the new development of the country. The beaches have been developed to a beautifuly breath-taking spot. Na dthe country is slowly coping up from the nasty image other brothers and sisters are showing. But hey you are safe now. Though the politocs are dragging the democracy and ambience of the country.