before you fall asleep......

@silkyt34 (324)
United States
August 27, 2007 7:47am CST
do you think about what you are going to dream about before you fall asleep ... do you try to have dreams you know are going to make you happy? or do you lay there and just go over your day ? i personally think about what i am going to dream about and try to plan it never works but hey its worth a shot better then stressing over things i cant change..
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• India
28 Dec 07
Don't usually sleep at night because i work in a call center which operates 24/7 so i don't get the chance to sleep at night. most of my schedules are on graveyard shifts but I'm used to it. if it's my off duty then i sleep very early. I go to bed around 11PM- 2AM. My daughter and I always watch did before going to sleep. But sometimes we sleep early. Sometimes when I read novel.
@vitekfdr (651)
• United States
27 Aug 07
Usually i am dreaming of how can i guess the lottery numbers to win a lottery. Because winning a lottery is my biggest dream, sometimes i dream of some ways i can predict those numbers.