What will Jr. Do?

United States
August 27, 2007 10:37am CST
Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s 2007 season hopes of making the Chase for the Nextel Cup are all but gone with only two races left before the cut off. In recent interviews Earnhardt doesn't seem too bothered by this as he's had seasons where he didn't make the chase before with DEI. Jr. also has a lot to look forward to next year as he is moving on with Hendrick Motorsports. He's had some disappointments about having to part with his fathers company (DEI) and not being able to keep his number (8) and Hendrick not being able to sign his main sponsor (Budweiser). But this is a new beginning for Dale. What are you opinions on what next season is going to be like. Will his new number and new paint scheme be very similar to what he's had in the past or will it be completely new and different? will they just add a 1 and make him 81 and give all the fans with tattoos a chance to not have to get it covered up, simply add more? will the car still be red, or maybe he'll drive a black car and become the next generation intimidator? It's all going to be unveiled in the coming weeks, but what are your thoughts, anticipations, and expectations as of now?
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