Man's bwst friwnd?

@candy111 (241)
August 27, 2007 2:24pm CST
Is it true the dog's are a man's best friend? i don't know how true this is, superstition, folklore, but I heard is that you shouldn't have even number of dogs. That when treated with kindness, a dog will sacrifice his life for someone in the family that was supposed to die. To an extent, I may be inclined to believe in this, though it can be purely coincidental. My family has always had dogs, of different breed, size; presently we have over 20 dogs. when i was 15, m dad got terribly sick, and for some reason or another, every month or so, one of our dogs died for no reason at all that we could deduce. It kept happening until a year later when my dad was finally released from the hospital. Coincidence or not, the dogs here are treated like people, LOL maybe even more than that, especially in the case of my mom. Right now she has 7 dogs living in her room. We have a maid that pretty much is strictly there to take care of the dogs, she gives them a bath every day, blowdries their hair, cooks their meals, brushes their teeth, etc etc. I lost my favorite dog when I was 20, he was truly a good friend. He knew when I was sad and would jump up to my bed and lick my face to try and cheer me up. when i get mad at him, he would literally sulk in one corner until i go to him. Sadly, I had a competition that took me out of the country, and i had forgotten to tell him. He left the house it seems to try and look for me, got lost, and we never found him. Ive considered looking for a dog that will be like him. A companion, a friend....
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@xiuluoelly (1225)
• China
28 Aug 07
I have always liked dogs animals, a lot of their dependents only, but not particularly smart, I may not training them, and even so, I still love them, because they are very lovable but always accompany me.
@tines2512 (326)
• Philippines
28 Aug 07
I enjoy dogs :) I believe that they are adorable.
@ifnalife (323)
• Indonesia
28 Aug 07
i think that must be true., your story about dogs,.im sorry about your lost, but i guest you got to adopt one more dog to keep you company. So you will not feel lonely again.